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Hello there! I’m Marin Asher, the heart and soul behind Aquamarina Designs.

Living in Fort Myers, FL, with my husband Aaron, we’ve always had a deep connection to the sea. Our boat tour company, Sandy Bottom Boating, not only allows us to share our love for the water with others but also grants me the incredible opportunity to collect shells during our adventures.

As Geoffrey Chaucer wisely said, “Time and Tide wait for no man.” This sentiment hit home when Hurricane Ian flooded our house, washing away all the shells I had spent years collecting. It was a heartbreaking loss, but it taught me a valuable lesson – not to wait for “someday” to create something beautiful.

So, I’ve dedicated myself to capturing the fleeting treasures of the sea and turning them into stunning necklaces and earrings. Each piece I create is a labor of love and a reminder that beauty is all around us if we seize the moment to appreciate it.

Explore my Etsy Shop to discover more beachy, boho jewelry made with love!


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