Fort Myers Beach Boat Tour

Looking for a private charter boat to explore Fort Myers Beach?

Experience Sandy Bottom’s Signature Boat Tour!

Explore Estero Bay and the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico without spending half the day stuck in traffic. There is truly no better way to experience the beauty of Southwest Florida, than by boat.

We provide various options and activities for groups of up to 6 guests. Our cruises are available in timeframes ranging from 3 to 5 hours. The distance we can travel depends on the duration of the cruise, and the map illustrates the general areas we can visit. The blue dot on the map represents the departure point for our cruises in Fort Myers. If you’re staying near the water, we’re happy to pick you up from your location.

Popular destinations for our boat tours include Lover’s Key State Park, Fort Myers Beach Time Square, and the Sanibel Lighthouse Beach.

Our Signature Fort Myers Beach Boat Tour allows you to enjoy:

Dolphin Watching

Southwest Florida has one of the largest bottlenose dolphin populations in the world! And after 20 years of cruising these waterways, the local dolphins know our music and love to chase our boat.

Beach Therapy

Sink your toes in warm sand, listen to the rhythmic waves, and let the coastal breeze wash away worries. Whether you’re basking in the sun, exploring the shoreline, or simply savoring the tranquility of the ocean, Vitamin SEA is the ultimate prescription for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Some of our favorite local shells are Venus Sunrays, Conchs, Giant Heart Cockles, Scallops and Lightening Whelks. You may even find one that first mate, Marin, will be happy to make a necklace out of! See examples of her shell necklaces on Etsy.

Fun in the Sun

With the option of utilizing our paddleboard, floats, volleyball and sand toys, you can make the most of your beach day, creating unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Bird Watching

Discover the avian wonders of Fort Myers Beach’s shores on an unforgettable bird watching excursion. Spot majestic pelicans, elegant herons, and playful sandpipers in their coastal habitats.

About the Boat: Robalo 246 Caymen

Step on board the Robalo 246 Cayman, and you’ll quickly see that it’s all about practical comfort and making memories. No fancy-pants stuff here – just good old-fashioned enjoyment.

Comfy Seating and Handy Cup Holders

Our seating isn’t about being all fancy – it’s about kicking back and feeling right at home. Grab a seat, put your feet up, and don’t worry about a thing. Oh, and we’ve got cup holders galore, because what’s a boat trip without your favorite drink within arm’s reach?

Loads of Storage and Shade

We know how important it is to have space for your stuff, whether it’s your snacks, gear, or beach towels. Our boat’s got your back with ample storage, so you can bring along all your essentials. Plus, when the sun gets a bit too intense, just hop under the shade and keep cool.

Rockin' Stereo System

Music makes everything better, right? Get ready to jam out on the water with our killer stereo system. We’ve got the tunes covered – whether it’s our favorite beach beats or your own playlist, just plug in and let the good times roll.

Smooth Sailing with Trim Tabs

Worried about those wavy days? No problem! Our boat’s equipped with trim tabs that’ll keep the ride nice and smooth, even when the waters get a little choppy. Say goodbye to the rock and roll and hello to cruising in comfort.

Beach Grill for Cookouts

We’re not just about the boat – we’re all about the beach life too! Our boat comes with a grill, so when we hit the shore, it’s time to fire it up and get cooking. Imagine sizzling burgers, hotdogs, and more – a perfect beach cookout to satisfy your appetite after a day of fun in the sun.

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